Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 29, 2010

As usual I am a bit late getting my post up, but it is so worth the wait.  I have been slammed with work...YEAH... and have had very little time for much else.  I want to share a photo of my latest slipcover project.  It is this great chair that we used wool to slip it with.  The only problem was the wool stretched causing me to have to rip it apart about half way through.  AUGHHH!  I started over using a lining fabric behind the wool to give it more stability and the results were awesome.

Pink Poodle!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween!
I apologize for my lateness in this post I've been so ill with the worst sinus infection .... YUCK!  Anyway I just had to share the Beans Halloween costume.  This started off as a few yards of pink polar fleece and 1/4 yard of  some sort of hot pink loopy fabric (not sure what you call it).  When I brought it home my daughter literally squealed with joy and declared the hot pink fabric was her new blankie!  Honestly she took it with her to bed for the next few nights.  Too the point that I  started to wonder if I would have to buy more of it.  Eventually she lost interest in her new "blankie" and I was able to start her costume...Yeah!
Yes that is the Bean stuck among a sea of Star Wars charaters and she loved every minute of it!  My daughter even had her own glow stick sword which she proudly held up and announced she was a  "PINK POODLE" to anyone who would listen.  Talk about girl power;  you go little one!
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