The Peterson Conversion
Thanks for doing such a terrific job with Jenna's anniversary coat!  She was simply speechless.    Because she sews often technical details, finishes and time required were immediately recognized.   What she doesn't know is how lame this gift would have been without you!

You brought a vision and and a collaborative spirit that transformed my generic idea into something special.    From the start you took the time time to understand her style (yes, photos help!).  After only a few phone calls and emails, my basic concept bumped up about 10 notches.  Jenna may have LIKED a tailored coat because she often feels frustrated that "off the rack" items don't fit well.  She absolutely LOVES the coat you made using her soon-to-be discarded wedding dress.  The coat precisely fits her body and style.   The sentimental touch of recycling the wedding dress for an anniversary gift was brilliant.  

Hopefully people understand that you are much more than a great seamstress or tailor.  Your design aesthetic and willingness to work with clients make you absolutely unique.  Working with you was a pleasure.  Thank you!
                                                                                -Ed Peterson
                                                                                 wayne, pa   

WillowBeanStudio revamped my wedding dress into the most amazing jacket.  I'll treasure my wedding day memories every time I wear it -  I especially love the sleeves with cute bows!  I'm complimented every time I wear it and never tire of retelling it's history.
                                                                                    - Jenna Peterson
                                                                                       wayne, pa

The Maddison

Jennie Helped me to create the vision I had of my daughter in her 
handmade christening gown that was made from my wedding gown.
                                                                                             -Margo Adams
                                                                                                 king of prussia, pa

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