Flapper Swing Top

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I wanted to share pics from a recent project
I worked on with one of my students.
This top was super fun to make
and it really pushed her sewing skills to a new level.
We used variety of techniques to finish off the seams.
One involved graph paper and spray adhesive!
Okay, so I was thinking of hosting my very first sew along
and I thought this top would be a lot of fun to do.
If your up for the challenge leave me a comment
or send me an email
If enough people show interest in this project
we'll start in 2 weeks :) 

Slip Cover Craziness Week #2

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Okay is everyone ready  ...  I am!
First grab your measuring tape and measure the center back section
along both the top and bottom.
Using a straight pin, preferably one with a big brightly colored head,
mark your center point top and bottom on the chair.

Now cut a piece that is about 6" longer then the length of the chairs center back.
Fold the piece in half length wise and finger press both top and bottom.
You will use this crease mark as a guide to help position your fabric on to the chair.

Pin the center back panel to the chair making sure the crease line you just created 
lines up with the pins you positioned earlier to mark center back points.
Working from top to bottom and from the center back to side seams 
smooth out your fabric and pin along your side seams.
Be sure to place your pins right along the edge of your chairs side seams.
You will use this as a guide for adding your side panels.
Now that you have you center back panel positioned the way you 
want it, take your scissors and cut along the center crease you created 
stopping about 1" from your chair.  
You have just created "notches" that you will refer to later 
to help make sure that the center back panel stays centered as you work.
Now is the time to trim off any excess along your pin line at the side seams.
I like to cut about 2" from my pin line 
 this leaves me plenty of fabric to play with later if problems arise.

Okay we are ready to work on the side panels ...
Cut two pieces as long as your center back seam making sure that
your pattern starts and finishes at the same point as it does on your center back panel.
Now you are ready to start pinning the side.
I generally figure out where the pattern will line up along the top of your piece
and put a pin there.  Pin this section loosely (if that make sense) as it is just a marker
and will most likely be altered later.
If you pin it to tight you run the risk of snagging your fabric while you work.
Starting from the bottom of your chair, and when I say bottom
I mean the bottom of the upholstery not the bottom of the chair legs.
fold under the side panel so the pattern will line up
along the pin line you created while fitting the back section.
gently fold, pin and smooth your fabric as you work your way up the piece.
The shape of your chair and the size, shape / repeat of your print
will determine how far up they will match.
You don't want to force the match as this will cause your fabric to be off grain.
This could cause puckering and pulling of the fabric later on.

Now that you have pinned one side it is time to sew!
Gently remove your fabric from the chair making sure
to remove any pins that secure the fabric to the chair itself.
Make sure the pins you placed along your side seam are secure.
Lay your piece flat on the floor and finger press your seam.
I'm a big fan of finger pressing ... lol!
Gently pull the side panel over so it lays on top of the back panel
As you work your way up the seam pull the pins out partially.
After you partially pull out a pin push it back in so it pierces
through the finger pressed seam and secures your panel.
I apologize the pic below isn't the best quality
but it shows how the pins mark your match point along the finger pressed seam.
(My finger pressed seam falls in the bottom middle section of the photo)

It is time to take your fabric over to your sewing machine and start sewing!
I like to use a slightly smaller stitch length then normal.
This will help keep your seams from bursting under all the everyday stresses your chair will go through.
Run your stitch line in the crease you created when you finger pressed.
Being sure not to sew over any pins.
Try to pull your pins out before they get to close to your presser foot.
Place your needle in the downward position when you lit your presser foot to remove your pin.

If all goes well this is what your finished side seam should look like.

Next week we will work on the cording.

Please me any questions you might have.  
I hope I have written this clearly enough for everyone to follow.
Also email me me pics of your work in progress I would love to share it with everyone.
Happy slippin!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Toddler Tuesday's #8

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's that time of the week again!
Link your your toddler/child related project up.
Don't forget to grab a button so others can join in the fun!
I'm so excited to see what everyone has been working on this week!

Don't forget to stop by tommorrow for
week 2 of slipcover craziness!


An All Nighter For Me and A Freebie For You!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I have been so swamped with work for the last 6months at least.
On Friday I turned in my last project on the book.
Yeah my summer vacation can now start!!!
I have some new projects coming up
 Wedding Stuff ... YEAH!
But they are not due till the end of October.
Anyway these poor little pinch pleat valences were going to be the death of me.
I worked on them for over 12 hours straight!
First my Roenta iron for the first time ever
developed scorch marks down the front and was
rendered useless.

I had to use my back up iron to press everything ..SHEESHHHH!
To make matters worse I decided at 5am I didn't like the spacing of the pleats
on one of the valences, so I riped it out and started over.
They were completed by 7:30 am just in time for me to get ready for my day with the kids.
The whole time this was going on all I could think was

You can download the following print using this link
Please note freebies are for Willow bean Studio followers only.

When's the last time you had to pull an all nighter? 
 Leave me a comment I'd love to hear your story.
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Guest Blogger

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am so excited you all know Michelle at Someday Crafts ...
Well while she is on maternity leave i get to be a guest blogger
I am sooooo EXCITED
Somday crafts is one of the first craft blogs I stumbled upon.
She always has great projects and tons of inspiration.

The big day is July 15th
So be sure to stop by and see my project.
I'm so excited and can't wait to share it with all of you.

Slip Cover Craziness week #1 Update

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Okay here we go is everybody ready?
This week we are going to discuss how to measure for fabric.
I know it doesn't sound too exciting but,
imagine you are 90% completed
and you run out of fabric!
To make matters worse the store no longer carries you fabric...
So to avoid this we are going to learn how to measure today.

Woven cotton fabrics are the easiest to slip with.
I have slipped with heavy chenille, wools and even a satin backed fabric.
Each fabric posed its' own challenges.
If this is your first time slipping I'd say start off with a sturdy woven cotton

Try to avoid fabrics that have a nap or a print that is directional.
This will cause you to use more fabric thus increasing the price of the project.

The fabric I have chosen has a 17" horizontal repeat and a 18" vertical
These numbers will also factor into the amount of fabric I need to slip my chair.

Whew are you ready?
Here We  Go ...
Lets start by measuring the back of your chair

You want to measure from the highest point of the chair (typically center back) to the bottom.
My chair measures in at 37" high by 26" wide. 
To get the width measurement I measured between the two seams at the widest point
 that run vertically down the back.
going by this I will need 1 1/2 yards.
remember the 18" vertical repeat I have included that number to the length.
This way I am sure to be able to match up my print.

On to the sides ...

First Measure the height again going starting from the highest point and measuring to the base.
Next measure your width from the furthest outer most edge to the seam in the back.
My chair is 37" high by 24" wide.
I add my horizontal repeat to the width and this
tells me I need a piece 41" wide by a 1 1/2 yards long.
Since, the side measures the same as the back so repeat yardage length.
Most home dec fabrics are 54" wide so our width measurement
won't allow us to split the piece down the middle.
We will need 1 1/2 yards per side or 3 yards total.
Are you still with me?

The front

Again measure the width at the widest point.
Second measure from the highest point to the seat portion.
My chair is 44" wide by 35" tall
I need 1 yard
The seat is measured from the widest point both directions.
I got 24" wide by 23" deep
I will need to add the vertical repeat to the depth measurement
to allow for match at the the front back seam.
This means I will need 1 1/4 yards

I am not going to account for the inner arm section
as the may be cut from the waste along the side back pieces.

After doing all my measurements I came up with
6 3/4 yards
I will round up to 7 just because it gives me a bit extra.

Well here she is...
How do you think she'll look?

Now these measurements are specific to my chair. 
You may need to take into account your inner arm measurements
for instance, if they are high and wide or depending on the shape of your sides.
Again these are just general guidelines and should be adjusted to your
fabric repeat and chair size.

Slip Cover Craziness Week #1

Hi blogger is giving me issues ...
It won't let me add photos to my post.
This is making it really hard to finish my tutorial ...ARGHHH
(yes I  just spoke pirate!)
I apologize for the delay and once I can add pics
I will post!
Until then Toddler Tuesday is still going.
You can link up projects through Monday.
Take a moment and peek.
We have some really cute stuff this week.

Toddler Tuesday's #7

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's that time of the week again!
Link your your toddler/child related project up.
Don't forget to grab a button so others can join in the fun!
I'm so excited to see what everyone has been working on this week!

Fathers Day Photo Book Plus a Coupon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am so excited to share this with everyone! 
 I had to wait till after fathers day to post because my husband often reads my blog :)
This year for Fathers Day I made him a shutterfly album
using a few digital scrapbooking kits.
It turned out AWESOME!
He loves it.

I some how managed to sneak out his collection of musical instruments
have the kids photographed with them and get them back into the house with out him knowing.
Or the kids sharing our secret!
It still amazes me all the fabo things one can do in photoshop elements,
Such as remove my crows feet and brow lines :)
Hope you don't think I'm vain for doing such thing ... LOL

Here is a link to the digi kit that was used to make this album

Also Shutterfly is running a promotion for the next 3 days
get 40% off your next photo book order by using the following promo code:
remember this offer ends Wednesday

Hope you all had a fabo fathers day with that special man in your life!

Guest Blogger Ashley from Whimsy Bits

Friday, June 17, 2011

hello willow bean studio readers!
my name is ashley from whimsy bits and i'm miss jennie's handmade gift exchange partner.
if you're not sure what that is head on over to craftaholics anonymous and check it out!
this is my first year participating and i couldn't be more thrilled to be part of this awesome exchange or have such a sweet partner!

i wanted to give a big thanks to jennie for allowing me to be here today. she's just great!

let me tell you a little about myself. i am a twenty something forever student, craft nut, nanny, fur mommy. i am working on getting my master's in education while nannying for two of the sweetest little girls (full time!). i'm a born texan living in kentucky with my boyfriend (we're college sweethearts!) and our hyperactive but super cuddly three year old yellow lab, dallas.
me and the boy. i call him monkey.

dallas on his birthday. i call him muffin.

when i'm not on the playground or walking the dog, i try to live healthy, make super cute and easy crafts and i just started to sew!

my cupcake stand redo and super yummy strawberry splenda cupcakes.
easy peasy feather earrings.

i also have an etsy shop whimsy bits by ash.
i'd love for you to come by and check out my blog or my shop anytime. i love new friends!

i can't wait to get my gifts sent to jennie and hopefully be able to show y'all what we've each made.

thanks again for having me today!

Ashley Peavler

whimsy bits

Whimsy Bits by ash

Slip Cover Craziness

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recently I have received several requests from my followers asking for tips on how to slipcover.
Well starting next Wednesday I will walk you through how to do it.
For the rest of the summer each Wednesday I will walk you through slip covering.
We will work on several different pieces starting with
The fabric I have chosen is a rather large print so you will also learn
how to match a print at the seam.

Okay ladies you have one week to get your supplies ready
Lets start slippin'

Toddler Tuesday #6

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's that time of the week again!
Link your your toddler/child related project up.
Don't forget to grab a button so others can join in the fun!
I'm so excited to see what everyone has been working on this week!

The Cranky Princess

Monday, June 13, 2011

You would never know from the expression on her face
that just 30 seconds earlier she was as happy as can be.
Especially since Mommy had made her a new tu-tu!

I think her temper tantrum lasted longer than it took to make the skirt.
To make this tu-tu skirt you need:
5/8 yard sparkle tulle
5/8 regular tulle
3/4 yard lining fabric
1" wide elastic (should be the circumference of child's waist plus 1")
the above quantities listed are for a size 3/4 skirt.

First I cut the sparkle tulle in half along the fold 
I then cut the regular tulle into 4 sections that were equal in length and width to 
the two sparkle tulle pieces.

I layered the sparkle tulle on top of two pieces of regular tulle.
You will now have two separate piles of tulle.

I took each pile and with my sewing machine ran a basting stitch across the top edge.

Now you are ready to create the lining.
I cut two rectangles out of my lining fabric that were the same length as my tulle.
To determine the width for the lining 
I took half my daughters waist circumference and added 4" to that number.
I joined the side seams with 1/2" seams and did a double roll hem at the bottom of the skirt.

Now take your two piles of tulle and gently pull the basting threads so that the 
pieces are the same width as one side of your skirt lining.
Pin one section to the front and the second to the back.
Attach with 1/2" seams.

Okay we are ready to finish off this skirt!
Take your elastic and over lap the back by a 1/2"
Using your sewing machine secure seam with a zig zag stitch.
Cut a rectangle that is 3 1/2" tall and 1" longer than the circumference of the skirt.
Close the back with 1/2" seams.
Fold piece in 1/2 with your elastic sandwiched in the middle.
Set to skirt top with 1/2" seams gently stretching the elastic as you g.
While setting the waistband to the skirt top 
make sure not to catch the elastic in your seam as this will hinder the elastics ability to stretch. 

Hopefully your little princess will not be as cranky as mine was 
upon the receiving her new skirt!

Lessons from Dad

Thursday, June 9, 2011

When I was taking photo's for this post I kept thinking about how the fact that my husband is an engineer really compliments my crafting OCD.  For starters the man graphed out our sons room to figure out how to best lay our new flooring while creating as little waste as possible. I regret not taking a pic of his sketch ... I think it would have helped my case; when I tell him how neurotic he is...lol!  But I did take a photo of the flooring he has installed.  If you look closely you will see how the man has perfectly lined up every other row to create a pattern.  Who does this .....
This morning when i looked at the photos again I saw a father teaching his son how to be "handy". 
 I saw a man who takes pride in what he does and is trying to instill those values in our children.
I saw a man who after a long day at work comes home
makes us dinner
 and then finds time work on the house.
When I looked at these photos again I saw a man who
loves his family
enjoys teaching his son new things

I see a man who is creating memories with our son.

Our son is so excited!
All he keeps talking about is how great his room is
and that it is the "Best Room In The House."
I can't help but smile when Noah talks with excitment about his new room.
This new room would not be possible with out his Dad!

Toddler Tuesday #5

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's that time of the week again!
Link your your toddler/child related project up.
Don't forget to grab a button so others can join in the fun!
I'm so excited to see what everyone has been working on this week!


Monday, June 6, 2011

I am need to apologize for my lack of posting the last week and a half.
I took time off for Memorial Day and the next thing I knew
what had started out as a few days hiatus turned into a full fledged vacation from my blog.

The Good news is I'm back, well rested and have plenty of fun projects to share!

But before we get into all off that I just want to formally announce
That the Fairlicious pattern is for sale at the
Willow Bean Studio Etsy Shoppe
Also if you were part of the 733 promotion and
did not receive an email from me
please send me a quick note at the following email address

Don't forget tomorrow is Toddler Tuesday's here
and I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!
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