Farm House Fabulous a Re-Decorating Story

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Maritza's dinning room,
It was a room in need of an update...

In the original room the walls were painted with
Eddie Bauer Crimson EB28-3
Although she loved the idea of a red dinning room
Maritza wasn't sure if her current color ideal.

She wasn't happy with the window treatments either.
When talking with her she mentioned that her ideal room would be calming,
warm and inviting.
A place where friends and family would happily gather not only on holiday but over a cup of coffee after the kids had gone to bed.
She wanted a room that felt lived in!

After reviewing my notes and much thought

We decided on going in the following direction


I stumbled upon upon the following Ralph Lauren Linen
and new it would be ideal for her drapes.

We decided on moving forward with the floral linen.

The inverted pleated drapes were left unlined
so that the afternoon sun would shine through adding additional warmth to the space.

These window treatments became the jumping off point
for the rooms color story.

Originally she wanted to not have to repaint the entire room.
So we opted to use 
 Benjamin Moore Arroyo Red 2085-10
in a glaze finish over the upper wall
Using the following technique
and painting the lower wall in
Benjamin Moore RM - Richmond Bisque

As with most renovation things change as you progress
The orientation of the paint color on the walls flipped
and we lost the faux finish.

The color choices were so perfect
that switching the orientation
didn't affect take away from the over all look

The hard work is completed
and now
 it's time to accessorize!

Like this space interested in sharing your decorating challenge?
Just want a second opinion on your furniture selection ...
email me your biggest dilemma
I'd love to help


Anonymous said...

Evertime I look at the before and after pictures I smile. What a difference. Thanks for all your hard work and patience!!


Jennie Fear said...

that makes me so happy to hear :) thank you for your kind words!

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