The Beans' Brother Turns 7

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big brother turns 7 and it was Mad Scientist celebration.  I really wanted to keep this party easy in other words the less work for me the better.  We ordered our party kit from steve spangler science.  I can not say enough about this company.  They are awesome!  They actually sent a personalized hand written note to my son ... awesome customer service!  They kit even included items for the kids to take
home so the science fun could continue after the party was over. 

 We ordered lab coats for all the children who attended and my son meet them at the door lab coat in hand.  At this point they were ushered off to the "lab" where we made each child over into a Mad Scientist.  We gave them crazy hair and they all picked out their own Mad Scientist name.  I was surprised by how excited the kids were to be transformed into their new persona

We ordered our cake and cookie favors from The Sweet Shop. I am the worst cook and have been known to set my oven on fire in the past ... lol! 

Be sure to check out the video of the final experiment!  All the boys had a great time and little sister too.

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