The Craft Room Remodel Part 1

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recently my husband has under taken the gianormus task of renovating my studio space ....
I wish I could tell you the above photo is where I spend my hours happily sewing away for
Willow Bean Studio
Unfortunatley it's not!  Even more unfortunate or fortunate depending on how you look at it
the above photo is a picture of my day job office space.  This is where I spend countless
hours crafting away for a fabulous family.  Yes you heard me right I get paid to craft, primarily scrapbook.  I am the family historian/resident craft expert for a lovely family on the Mainline in Philadelphia.  No they are not celebrities although they are related to one of the hottest designers of our time.  I'll give you a hint ... her bag was listed this year as one of Ophra's must haves.  So anyway you can see my delemma, how can I work all day in a beautiful space and spend my nights slaving away in my dark cold basement.
This was once the home gym. the area where the carpet is missing was a stage meant to support a bike, elliptical machine, etc.  The wall was even covered in mirrors ...ewhhh!
All I can say is, husband to the rescue!
I bought several of the scrapbook cubes from Micheals and my fabo husband
came up with a way to make them look like a custom built in work area.
The man is a genius with trim!


Okay so it doesn't look like that yet ... but stay with me
The taxes are done and we will be back from vaction on the 23.
So I'm hoping rather praying this job will be completed in the begining of May.

Or he at least fixes the carpet ... LOL!
Well even if it takes him a bit longer than planned I can always escape to my day job!

Below is a pic of my current sewing table and the make shift credenza behind it. 
No worries, I've got big plans for that space too!

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Seamingly Smitten said...

You will love it when your space is finished! You will have your own place all to yourself just for crafting and you won't even think about your day job while you're in there. Even though it doesn't sound bad!

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