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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So in the previous post green with envy or is it just the cording, I posted a photo of a chair I slipped for a client.  This particular chair I have coveted ever since I completed.  My husband and I combed craigslist for what seemed like years to find a chair similar in style and shape.  The above is what we were able to come up with and we love it!! It is a Federal Period Wing Chair circa late 1700's.  The chair measures in at 46" tall and 32" wide, you would never think finding a chair taller than 43" would be so hard until you try to locate one for yourself!
This is the room where our new chair will reside.  It is the first room you see upon entering our home.
Gotta love our empty bookcases!

Above is a photo of the fabric we are going to slip the chair in.  I just love how great it looks next to our area rug  This project is going to be a bit of a challenge as I will need to fill in all the spaces formed by the channel back upholstery. 

What's the best thing you've scored on Craigslist?

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Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I love the lines of the chair! You definitely have to be diligent and systematic when you are shopping for a specific item on craigslist. Oh, and patient too. :)

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