The Cranky Princess

Monday, June 13, 2011

You would never know from the expression on her face
that just 30 seconds earlier she was as happy as can be.
Especially since Mommy had made her a new tu-tu!

I think her temper tantrum lasted longer than it took to make the skirt.
To make this tu-tu skirt you need:
5/8 yard sparkle tulle
5/8 regular tulle
3/4 yard lining fabric
1" wide elastic (should be the circumference of child's waist plus 1")
the above quantities listed are for a size 3/4 skirt.

First I cut the sparkle tulle in half along the fold 
I then cut the regular tulle into 4 sections that were equal in length and width to 
the two sparkle tulle pieces.

I layered the sparkle tulle on top of two pieces of regular tulle.
You will now have two separate piles of tulle.

I took each pile and with my sewing machine ran a basting stitch across the top edge.

Now you are ready to create the lining.
I cut two rectangles out of my lining fabric that were the same length as my tulle.
To determine the width for the lining 
I took half my daughters waist circumference and added 4" to that number.
I joined the side seams with 1/2" seams and did a double roll hem at the bottom of the skirt.

Now take your two piles of tulle and gently pull the basting threads so that the 
pieces are the same width as one side of your skirt lining.
Pin one section to the front and the second to the back.
Attach with 1/2" seams.

Okay we are ready to finish off this skirt!
Take your elastic and over lap the back by a 1/2"
Using your sewing machine secure seam with a zig zag stitch.
Cut a rectangle that is 3 1/2" tall and 1" longer than the circumference of the skirt.
Close the back with 1/2" seams.
Fold piece in 1/2 with your elastic sandwiched in the middle.
Set to skirt top with 1/2" seams gently stretching the elastic as you g.
While setting the waistband to the skirt top 
make sure not to catch the elastic in your seam as this will hinder the elastics ability to stretch. 

Hopefully your little princess will not be as cranky as mine was 
upon the receiving her new skirt!

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