Slip Cover Craziness week #1 Update

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Okay here we go is everybody ready?
This week we are going to discuss how to measure for fabric.
I know it doesn't sound too exciting but,
imagine you are 90% completed
and you run out of fabric!
To make matters worse the store no longer carries you fabric...
So to avoid this we are going to learn how to measure today.

Woven cotton fabrics are the easiest to slip with.
I have slipped with heavy chenille, wools and even a satin backed fabric.
Each fabric posed its' own challenges.
If this is your first time slipping I'd say start off with a sturdy woven cotton

Try to avoid fabrics that have a nap or a print that is directional.
This will cause you to use more fabric thus increasing the price of the project.

The fabric I have chosen has a 17" horizontal repeat and a 18" vertical
These numbers will also factor into the amount of fabric I need to slip my chair.

Whew are you ready?
Here We  Go ...
Lets start by measuring the back of your chair

You want to measure from the highest point of the chair (typically center back) to the bottom.
My chair measures in at 37" high by 26" wide. 
To get the width measurement I measured between the two seams at the widest point
 that run vertically down the back.
going by this I will need 1 1/2 yards.
remember the 18" vertical repeat I have included that number to the length.
This way I am sure to be able to match up my print.

On to the sides ...

First Measure the height again going starting from the highest point and measuring to the base.
Next measure your width from the furthest outer most edge to the seam in the back.
My chair is 37" high by 24" wide.
I add my horizontal repeat to the width and this
tells me I need a piece 41" wide by a 1 1/2 yards long.
Since, the side measures the same as the back so repeat yardage length.
Most home dec fabrics are 54" wide so our width measurement
won't allow us to split the piece down the middle.
We will need 1 1/2 yards per side or 3 yards total.
Are you still with me?

The front

Again measure the width at the widest point.
Second measure from the highest point to the seat portion.
My chair is 44" wide by 35" tall
I need 1 yard
The seat is measured from the widest point both directions.
I got 24" wide by 23" deep
I will need to add the vertical repeat to the depth measurement
to allow for match at the the front back seam.
This means I will need 1 1/4 yards

I am not going to account for the inner arm section
as the may be cut from the waste along the side back pieces.

After doing all my measurements I came up with
6 3/4 yards
I will round up to 7 just because it gives me a bit extra.

Well here she is...
How do you think she'll look?

Now these measurements are specific to my chair. 
You may need to take into account your inner arm measurements
for instance, if they are high and wide or depending on the shape of your sides.
Again these are just general guidelines and should be adjusted to your
fabric repeat and chair size.

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