Slip Cover Craziness Week #2

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Okay is everyone ready  ...  I am!
First grab your measuring tape and measure the center back section
along both the top and bottom.
Using a straight pin, preferably one with a big brightly colored head,
mark your center point top and bottom on the chair.

Now cut a piece that is about 6" longer then the length of the chairs center back.
Fold the piece in half length wise and finger press both top and bottom.
You will use this crease mark as a guide to help position your fabric on to the chair.

Pin the center back panel to the chair making sure the crease line you just created 
lines up with the pins you positioned earlier to mark center back points.
Working from top to bottom and from the center back to side seams 
smooth out your fabric and pin along your side seams.
Be sure to place your pins right along the edge of your chairs side seams.
You will use this as a guide for adding your side panels.
Now that you have you center back panel positioned the way you 
want it, take your scissors and cut along the center crease you created 
stopping about 1" from your chair.  
You have just created "notches" that you will refer to later 
to help make sure that the center back panel stays centered as you work.
Now is the time to trim off any excess along your pin line at the side seams.
I like to cut about 2" from my pin line 
 this leaves me plenty of fabric to play with later if problems arise.

Okay we are ready to work on the side panels ...
Cut two pieces as long as your center back seam making sure that
your pattern starts and finishes at the same point as it does on your center back panel.
Now you are ready to start pinning the side.
I generally figure out where the pattern will line up along the top of your piece
and put a pin there.  Pin this section loosely (if that make sense) as it is just a marker
and will most likely be altered later.
If you pin it to tight you run the risk of snagging your fabric while you work.
Starting from the bottom of your chair, and when I say bottom
I mean the bottom of the upholstery not the bottom of the chair legs.
fold under the side panel so the pattern will line up
along the pin line you created while fitting the back section.
gently fold, pin and smooth your fabric as you work your way up the piece.
The shape of your chair and the size, shape / repeat of your print
will determine how far up they will match.
You don't want to force the match as this will cause your fabric to be off grain.
This could cause puckering and pulling of the fabric later on.

Now that you have pinned one side it is time to sew!
Gently remove your fabric from the chair making sure
to remove any pins that secure the fabric to the chair itself.
Make sure the pins you placed along your side seam are secure.
Lay your piece flat on the floor and finger press your seam.
I'm a big fan of finger pressing ... lol!
Gently pull the side panel over so it lays on top of the back panel
As you work your way up the seam pull the pins out partially.
After you partially pull out a pin push it back in so it pierces
through the finger pressed seam and secures your panel.
I apologize the pic below isn't the best quality
but it shows how the pins mark your match point along the finger pressed seam.
(My finger pressed seam falls in the bottom middle section of the photo)

It is time to take your fabric over to your sewing machine and start sewing!
I like to use a slightly smaller stitch length then normal.
This will help keep your seams from bursting under all the everyday stresses your chair will go through.
Run your stitch line in the crease you created when you finger pressed.
Being sure not to sew over any pins.
Try to pull your pins out before they get to close to your presser foot.
Place your needle in the downward position when you lit your presser foot to remove your pin.

If all goes well this is what your finished side seam should look like.

Next week we will work on the cording.

Please me any questions you might have.  
I hope I have written this clearly enough for everyone to follow.
Also email me me pics of your work in progress I would love to share it with everyone.
Happy slippin!

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